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APC 9 x 9 Electric prop.

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APC model aircraft propellers have enjoyed strong acceptance and growth since their introduction in 1989. They are especially popular in pattern and racing events, and are used world wide by top competitors. Multi-rotor aircraft have also taken advantage of the superior performance of APC propellers. The performance and low noise advantages are largely due to the precision methods used to design and manufacture APC propellers.

APC preserves a close rapport with the competitive aviation community to benefit from the technical interchange that is so important to improving designs. There is continuous evolution in aircraft design and engine performance. Consequently, propeller design must continuously evolve to keep pace with changing technologies. APC excels at providing the model aviation community the right propellers for a wide range of applications.

Over 450 APC propeller sizes are currently available. The selection is continuously expanding. Current sizes range from 4.1x4.1E up to 27x13E in composite materials using long glass fibers and carbon fibers mixed with Nylon. This web site maintains a current listing of available selections. Please check the Propeller List page for a listing of currently available propeller sizes. An Excel file is also available for download.

APC has added expanded manufacturing capability to permit injection molding of larger single piece two blade propellers, up to 27 inch diameters. Three and four blade designs, up to 16 inch diameters, are also available. In addition, APC has the ability to design and manufacture custom propellers, and machine tooling for hand-laid fiber propellers. Please contact us for more information.

Multi-Rotor propellers are now in full production. The same precision and superior performance available in other APC propellers has been extended to the MR blade designs which offer substantial improvement in performance for multi-rotor aircraft.

RPM Limits

Glow Engine (includes Sport and Pattern Propellers) and Speed 400 Electric Propellers
Maximum RPM=190,000/prop diameter (inches)
(For example, a 10x6 glow engine prop should be limited to 19,000 RPM)

Thin Electric (E) and Folding Electric (F) Propellers
Maximum RPM=145,000/prop diameter (inches)

Multi-Rotor (MR) Propellers
Maximum RPM=105,000/prop diameter (inches)

Slow Flyer (SF) Propellers
Maximum RPM=65,000/prop diameter (inches)

Racing Propellers (including Carbon)
8.75 N, W and 8.8 Series 40 Pylon Props
Sport Propellers (for IC Engines) on Electric Motors
Maximum RPM=225,000/prop diameter (inches)

Racing Propellers (including Carbon) on Electric Motors
8.75 N,W and 8.8 Series 40 Pylon Props on Electric Motors
Maximum RPM=270,000/prop diameter (inches)

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