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Important Legislation

If you operate an unmanned aircraft (including Free Flight) weighing more than 250g outdoors after the 30th November 2019 then it will become a legal requirement to be registered as an Operator with the CAA and be able to provide evidence that you are aware of the applicable laws.

Know the Law

Most model aircraft fliers tend to fly from specific, designated sites and as part of a club environment which is clearly the best way to learn and get most out of the sport. However, ‘solo’ flight from other locations is also possible provided that the models are operated in accordance with the requirements of the law and are flown with respect to the safety of other people and aircraft.

The regulations for model aircraft and drone flights are contained within the Air Navigation Order  (ANO) which is the primary document for all aviation regulations within the United Kingdom.  In order to keep the regulations at a proportionate level for smaller models, a set of specific, simpler, regulations apply to aircraft that have a mass of 20kg or less (which are termed ‘small unmanned aircraft’ within the ANO).

In simple terms, these regulations state that:

  • You are responsible for flying your model aircraft in a safe manner
  • You must keep the model aircraft in your direct sight at all times while it is flying, so that you can ensure that it does not collide with anything, especially other aircraft
  • You must not endanger anyone, or any thing with your model aircraft, including any articles that you drop from it
  • You must not fly at a height greater than 400ft above the surface unless permitted to by the CAA  – see further details below
  • You must not fly within the Flight Restriction Zone of a protected aerodrome

 For an in depth look at the regulations that affect us please visit rcc.bmfa.uk