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SLEC stands for Sun Lane Engineering Company and was the brainchild of John & Kath Roper.

It was first formed in the mid 70's and initially run from their model shop in Sun Lane Gravesend Kent. Over the next few years the company built up a large range of popular plastic modelling accessories that could be found in model shops through out Europe and different parts of the world.

In 1986 the Roper's decided to retire and SLEC was offered to Balsacraft Ltd who was one of the biggest model kit manufacturers in Europe, this made perfect sense to John Rudd managing director of Balsacraft as he put most of the SLEC range in his kits. In 1987 SLEC became part of Balsacraft Ltd. In 1996 John Rudd retired and Balsacraft became the manufacturing department of Ripmax Plc the company ran successfully for a few years but with the big influx of ready made models from the far east, kit's stopped selling and Balsacraft closed in 1999. 2000 was the start of SLEC Ltd the name now mean's absolutely nothing but as it had been around for the last 25 years, the name is well known throughout the modelling world.

The company still produces a good range of accessories but also a large range of quality balsa wood sheet & strips, hardwoods all machined in our mill at Watton.

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