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Bumpers & Body Mounts (Animus) (box1)
Helion Bumpers & Body Mounts (Animus) (box1)
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Front Upper Link 58.5mm
Helion Front Upper Link 58.5mm
Only 1 unit left
Differential Gears (12KT) (box44)
Differential Housing (12KT) (box44)
Dogbones Molded (12KT) (box44)
Helion Dogbones Molded (12KT) (box44)
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Front & Rear Shock Towers (Animus) (box1)
Front Lower Suspension Arm B TR MT
Helion Front Lower Suspension Arm B TR MT
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Helion E-Clips 7mm
Helion Helion E-Clips 7mm
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Helion HLNA0792 Printed Body 3 main body shells in this bag
Helion Spares Bumper Set. Front Rear (Invictus) (BOX44)
Helion Spares Front Bumper Set (Volition) (BOX44)
Helion Spares Shock Caps (Dominus) (BOX44)
Helion Spares Shock Shaft Set Big Bore Rear (Dominus) (BOX44)
Helion Spares Socket Head Shoulder Screws (SHSS)  M4x4mm (BOX44)
Helion Spares Steering Posts (Dominus 10SC TR) (BOX44)
Helion Spares Suspension Arms Rear (Verdikt) (2pcs) (BOX44)
Helion HLNA1073 Wheel Rim (Conquest 10MT) (Pair) (Box 47)
Inner Hinge Pin Set (Dominus) (box44)
Luff Ring : Aura 650
Helion Luff Ring : Aura 650
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Rivos 11.1V 3S 3600mAh 25C Lipo Battery
Helion Rivos 11.1V 3S 3600mAh 25C Lipo Battery
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Rivos XS Velcro Set/Battery Holder
Spur Gear (12B) (box44)
Helion Spur Gear (12B) (box44)
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Steering Plastic (Invictus 10MT) (box44)
Suspension Arms 1pcs F/R (Volition) (1) (box44)
Suspension Arms Front & Rear (Animus) (Box 44)
Drive Shafts Front/Rear & Center (Animus)
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1800KV Water-Cooled BL Motor w/ Mount: Rivos BL
Arm Holder (2pcs) (Four 10TR)
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BL Flex Shaft Mount: Rivos BL
BL Shaft Adapter Set: Rivos BL
Bumper Set Front Rear (Four 10TR)
Decal Sheet: Rivos BL
Differential Case(48P)
Helion Dogbone
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Front Bulk Head Brace
Front Hub Carrier (L/R)
Front Wheel Axle
Helion Front Wheel Axle
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Gear (20T-48P)
Helion Gear (20T-48P)
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Gear (34T-48P)
Helion Gear (34T-48P)
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Gear Cover Pinion (410SC)
Helion Body Pre-mounted Emerald (Four 10SC)Helion Body Pre-mounted Emerald (Four 10SC)
Helion Hinge Pin Bushing Set (Four 10TR)
Helion HLNA1124 Front Axle Set (Conquest 10SC)
Helion Shock Spacer Set (2)

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