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Eduard Model Accessories was formed in 1989 in the basement of co-owner Ctirad Kuraks house in Most, Czechoslovakia (now the Czech Republic). Two years previous, Mr. Kurak and Vladimir Sulc had started making photo etch for themselves and had decided that it was possible to sell to shops, so in 1990 the first photo etch, a 1/48th scale Su 25K, was produced for sale. In that year many more sets were made and sales were so good that they moved into a proper office and opened up a production line in 1991.
There was a great demand for other scales as well and so 1/72nd and 1/35th were added and a few years, ships. In 1993 our first two models came out, a Sopwith Schneider and a Sopwith Baby, both in 1/72nd scale. The production of plastic models necessitated another move into a larger office and more staff. 994 turned out to be a very good year with the first 1/48th scale kit, a Fokker E III, selling very well and an award in Nuremberg for our photo etch line. By the end of 1995 we had 10 kits on the market and lots of photo etch and had also set up a co-operation with Jules Bringuier of Classic Airframes to produce his models.
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