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Clutch shoes (2)/ spring (T-Maxx/Revo/Jato/Nitro 4-Tec)
Save $1.45
Motor Titan 550 reverse rotation (21-turns/ 14 volts) (1)
Save $0.11
Screws 3x12mm washerhead self-tapping
Save $4.42
Body X-Maxx ProGraphix (graphics are printedrequires pain
Receiver 2.4GHz TQi 5Ch Micro Telem/TSM
Save $5.05
Air filter housing/ foam insert/ straight base/ angled base/
Save $0.21
Spring retainers upper & lower (2)/ piston head set (2-hole
Save $0.12
Teflon washers 5x8x0.5mm (20) (use with ball bearings)
Save $0.12
Body clips  (standard size)
Traxxas Body clips (standard size)
$2.48 $2.60
Re-stocking soon
Save $5.43
LED light kit complete (includes #6590 high-voltage power amplifier)
Save $0.52
Half shaft external splined (steel-spline constant-velocity) (1pc)
Save $0.52
Traxxas TRX-4 (landrover/tactical) Fender flares front & rear (2 each)
Save $1.28
Body mountsfront & rear/3x15mm BCS(4)/3x12mm shoulder screw
Save $0.78
Driveshaft assembly inner (1) (fits front & rear different
Save $2.24
Traxxas Caster blocks (c-hubs) 6061-T6 aluminum blue TRX6832X (21)
Save $3.46
Big Bore shocks Slash (hard-anodized & Teflon-coated T6 alu
Save $0.59
Wheels All-Star 2.8 Inch (black chrome) (nitro rear/ electric f
Save $0.92
Air filter body (high-volume)/ filter support/ cap/ foam fil
Save $0.21
Spur gear (84-tooth) (48-pitch) w/bushing
Save $0.21
Spur gear 83-tooth (48-pitch) (for models with Torque-Contr
Save $0.17
Air filter (foam insert only)
Save $0.21
Traxxas Spur gear 68-tooth TRX3961
Save $0.99
Wheelie bar assembled (fits Stampede Rustler Bandit serie
Save $0.12
Nuts 4mm nylon locking
Traxxas Nuts 4mm nylon locking
$2.48 $2.60
Re-stocking soon
Save $0.26
Battery holder with on/off switch/ rubber on/off switch cove
Save $2.55
Traxxas Metal Gear Sub-Micro Servo (Waterproof) TRX2065R
Save $1.80
Tyres & Wheels assembled glued (TRX-4 Sport wheels Canyon Trail 1.9 Tyres) (2pcs) (TRXW)
Save $0.40
20-T Pinion Gear (1.0 metric pitch) Set (fits 5mm shaft)
Save $3.94
36x20in Rubber Pit Mat
Traxxas 36x20in Rubber Pit Mat
$35.37 $39.31
Re-stocking soon
Save $5.91
Waterproof Digital High Torque Metal Gear Ball Bearing Servo
Save $2.24
Servo sub-micro waterproof metal gear
Traxxas Servo sub-micro waterproof metal gear
$42.40 $44.64
Re-stocking soon
Save $1.60
Suspension pin set complete
Traxxas Suspension pin set complete
$30.27 $31.87
Re-stocking soon
Save $0.78
Traxxas Roof Basket
Traxxas Traxxas Roof Basket
$14.91 $15.69
Re-stocking soon
Save $1.71
Steering bellcranks drag link (green-anodized T6)(assembled)
Save $1.48
Traxxas Body Rustler 4X4 (clear requires painting)
Save $3.19
Six Pack SC C2 Mounted Slash 4x4 Blitz Fr/Re (2)
Save $2.99
Body Rustler 4X4 VXL Green (assembled w/body mounts)
Save $2.55
TRAXXAS LED lightbar kit (Rigid)/power supply TRX-4
Save $0.12
Traxxas Screws 2x8mm cap-head machine (hex drive) (6)
Save $0.23
Traxxas TRX-4 (landrover/tactical) Fuel canisters (black) (2)
Save $0.21
Traxxas TRX-4 (landrover/tactical) Jack (1)/ 2x8 BCS (1)
Save $0.40
Traxxas TRX-4 (landrover/tactical) Spare tire mount/ mounting bracket/ screw pins (2)
Save $0.33
Traxxas TRX-4 (landrover/tactical) Fender brace inner front & rear
Save $0.99
Wheelie bar assembled (pink) (Stampede Rustler Bandit)
Rudder mount/ rudder pivot/ 4x14mm BCS (stainless) (4)/ NL 4
Save $1.55
Rudder (127.5 mm)/ rudder arm/ hinge pin/ 3x15mm BCS (stainl

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