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First introduced in 1920, Hornby has become the brand leader of '00' Gauge model railways in GreatBritain. Throughout its long history, Hornby has produced iconic sets, highly detailed locomotives and more. The Hornby name first appeared in 1909 on an educational Meccano set called 'Hornby System of Mechanical Demonstration'.

The first railway product was introduced in 1915 under the name 'Raylo'. The Hornby name was not used to market a loose track model railway system until 1920. In 1938, Hornby Dublo was introduced, which later became the company's main model railway product in the 1950s. By 1981, Hornby became an independent company and started the journey to where you see the brand today. 

Many train journeys have been taken since 1920, with model railways enthusiasts from all walks of life. With new ideas and technology continuing to progress the hobby, Hornby is looking forward to a new era of model railways.

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